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Aumsville Cooling Services
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Residential Cooling Services In Aumsville, OR, And Surrounding Areas

Is your AC unit leaking, or making odd noises? Call us for repair services in Marion, Polk, Clackamas, and Yamhill Counties.

While sweating outside during the summer months is expected, it’s not normal to be sweating in your house due to a malfunctioning air conditioner. You can avoid this, and create a comfortable property to live in, by scheduling AC repair services at the first sign of an issue. Call Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC when you need to have your unit maintained, inspected, or replaced. We can handle all of your repairs to get your unit up and running quickly. When you schedule an appointment with our technicians in Aumsville, OR, we will provide a 20-year warranty* on our services and parts.

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We provide complete cooling services to Aumsville, including:

Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioner

There are many advantages to installing a new air conditioner. Some of the top benefits you may experience are:

  • Increased energy efficiency, which can lead to lower utility bills.
  • Maximum indoor climate control to ensure your house is properly cooled.
  • Improved indoor air quality to keep your family healthy.
  • Peace of mind that your unit won’t need to be repaired or replaced in the near future.

When to Schedule AC Repairs?

To prevent having your air conditioner completely break down, and leaving you in a hot and sticky house, it’s crucial to schedule professional repairs at the first signs of an issue. Some symptoms to watch for include:

  1. Your property is no longer reaching its desired temperature.
  2. Your unit is not producing cold air at all.
  3. You see moisture pooling under or around your system.
  4. Your house has warm and cold spots.
  5. Your monthly utility bills are rising for no apparent reason.
  6. Your unit starts to need frequent repairs. When this happens, you should consult an expert to determine if you should continue to repair the unit or if it is more cost-effective to replace it.

Don’t sweat the bill when your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced. Ask us about our financing options.

Signs You Need to Recharge Your Refrigerant

Refrigerant plays a vital role in keeping your air conditioner running properly. Without the right amount, your property will not cool to the ideal temperature. Some signs that can indicate you need to recharge your refrigerant are:

  • The unit is running, but the air that’s being pumped out doesn’t feel as cold as it should.
  • Your house is not cooling to the temperature set on the thermostat.
  • The system is blowing out hot or room-temperature air.

If you notice a frost build-up on your unit, contact our experts at Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC immediately to help you fix the problem. Coolants are gaseous in nature and must be handled by professionals.

*20-Year Warranty applies to Smart Systems (inverter systems) only with routine maintenance. To ensure routine maintenance, customers must be on our VIP Maintenance Program in order to qualify for a 20-year parts and labor warranty.

When your AC unit needs to be repaired or replaced, call Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC at (503) 393-5315 to schedule cooling services in Aumsville, OR. We guarantee satisfaction with every job.