COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update
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COVID-19 Update

At this point, everyone has been impacted by COVID-19 to some extent. Here are a few words from Dan Sommers:

We are sure that, like us, you have probably been closely monitoring the frequent updates, changes, or closures due to COVID-19. As of today, March 17th, Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC is still in full operation.

We are, however, taking precautions to ensure everyone’s health and peace of mind:

  • Our Service Professionals & Craftsmen Are Required To Wear Masks And Respirators.
  • We Have Hand Sanitizer And Health Guidelines In Place.

Two quick reminders:

  • Change your filter if you haven’t in a month or so. If You Or Someone You Know Is Remaining Home During This Time, Please Spread The Word That We Are Now Offering Filter Delivery.
  • There is still much good in our community going on during this time! Read Below For Details:

Home Delivery for Filters

Due to COVID-19, many individuals and families are at home right now. When you are at home with pets or dust, a dirty filter may irritate allergies dramatically. A plugged or extremely dirty filter can also cause furnace failure.

Due to the present circumstances, we are very passionate about ensuring our community’s health.

That is why we are now offering home delivery for Filters. Please spread the word. For those remaining indoors, we can drop the filters off at your door.