Dallas Heating Services

Dallas Heating Services
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Heating Services In Dallas, OR, And Surrounding Areas

Does your heating system need to be repaired or replaced? Call us for services in Marion, Polk, Clackamas, and Yamhill Counties.

Winter weather brings snow and cold temperatures, making it essential to have a warm house to keep your family safe and healthy. If your heating system suddenly malfunctions, you need to have it repaired or replaced quickly to prevent your house from becoming cold and uncomfortable. Call Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC at the first signs of an issue. When you call us to schedule an appointment in Dallas, OR, we guarantee that our trustworthy technicians will arrive on time.

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We provide complete heating services to Dallas, including:

Signs Your Heater Needs Professional Repairs

To prevent damage to your house or keep your family healthy, it’s important to have your heater repaired at the first signs of an issue. Some symptoms to watch for include:

  • Your property doesn’t get warmer.
  • Heat is not being evenly distributed throughout every room.
  • Your system begins to make loud and unpleasant sounds.
  • Your monthly utility bills continue to rise without any change in use.
  • Your thermostat is not functioning correctly.
  • Your ductwork is leaking.

When You Should Replace Your Furnace

When your furnace malfunctions, it can be difficult to determine when it needs repairs and when it should be replaced. Some signs that can indicate you need to install a new unit are:

  • If your system is nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Loss of efficiency. If your unit is no longer properly heating your home.
  • If there is a crack in the unit or the heater exchanger. This can be incredibly dangerous for your family.
  • Rise in monthly utility bills. If your energy bills rise without a change in usage.
  • Multiple repairs. If your unit needs several repairs, or a large, costly repair.

We offer financing options to help make paying for HVAC repairs more manageable. Contact us to learn more.

Why It’s Important To Keep Your Furnace Maintained?

It’s essential to keep your furnace properly maintained to ensure it works all winter. Some reasons to perform these routine tasks include:

  • It keeps your home and family safe.
  • It ensures maximum comfort.
  • It creates a long-lasting and efficient system.

Is your furnace making strange noises? Call Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC at (503) 393-5315 to schedule heating services in Dallas, OR. We guarantee satisfaction.