Advantage is Proud to Partner with the Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program

Advantage is Proud to Partner with the Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program
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Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning has partnered with the Oregon Rental Heat Pump Program. Imagine slashing up to a whopping $12,000 off the cost of a brand-new, energy-efficient heat pump for your rental property when you choose to purchase through Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning. Our partnership with the Oregon Rental Heat Pump Program opens the door to incredible savings, ensuring your tenants stay safe and happy while keeping your finances intact.

Heat pumps don’t just provide efficient heating. They also double as a cooling unit during a hot Oregon summer. Meaning one unit can guarantee year-round comfort for your tenants. Plus, with Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning’s unparalleled craftsmanship, we install systems to maximize performance and lifespan.

If you own a rental home, you could save up to $12,000 based on the type of home and other qualifying factors. Qualification is based on your tenants’ income. Click this link and fill out the contact form to get more details or to schedule an appointment!

What Is The Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program?

The Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program or ORHHPP to keep it short is a program put together by the state of Oregon to help keep renters safe during extreme weather, and reduce energy costs. In order to achieve this goal, they have created a program that allows us to pass on tremendous savings to the owners of rental properties when they upgrade their properties with a new heat pump system. 

This program isn’t just for typical stick-built homes either. Rented manufactured homes and mobile homes can also qualify for the ORHHPP. No one should have to worry about extreme temperatures while at home. 

How Do Property Owners Benefit?

A new heat pump through the ORHHPP can benefit the property owner in a myriad of ways. The most obvious benefit is the savings on the cost of the system itself. Depending on the property and qualification, this could be as much as $12,000

There are, of course, additional long-term benefits. One of them being a safer and happier resident. In 2022, 96 Oregon residents died because of health complications related to hot weather. A majority of homes in Oregon are still without air conditioning. By upgrading your property with a new heat pump, you’ll be ensuring that your renters are able to stay happy and healthy during a summer heat wave. 

The second long-term benefit is the increase of the property’s value. Simply put, a home with a new HVAC system is worth more than a home with an old system or no system. A new heat pump can bolster your property’s value, making it a worthwhile investment.

The potential return on investment gets bolstered by two benefits offered by Advantage. The first of which is Advantage’s own 20 year warranties that cover both labor and parts. Another benefit is that Advantage can offer 12 months of no interest and no payments to qualifying property owners. 

How Does The Renter Benefit?

After installing a new heat pump, the residents of the property will experience all the day-to-day benefits. The most immediate benefit is year-round comfort. A heat pump will keep the entire home cool during summer and warm during the winter. This can also mean increased safety at home during bouts of extreme weather. Meaning that the resident will have a place of true shelter during heat waves or winter storms. 

Another benefit that the resident will experience is the decreased cost of utilities. If the property is transitioning from a traditional furnace and air conditioner, or even if it’s just upgrading to a newer, more efficient model, the cost of heating and cooling the home could decrease. We’ve found that in most cases it does. Even the Department of Energy has found that it can decrease utility costs by as much as 50% when compared to a traditional furnace and AC. 

Who Qualifies?

While the property owner is the one who applies for the ORHHPP program, qualifying is based on the resident. The program aims to benefit renters who fall into the low-to-middle income brackets. 

This graphic from the Oregon Department of Energy breaks down qualifying income for families based on family size.

Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program Qualifying Income


What is Required?

There are two required documents for the ORHHPP. 

  1. A signed rental or lease agreement.
  2. Proof of the residents’ income. 

When we work with the property owner, we will deliver those three documents along with the application to the ORHHPP. 

How to Apply?

Contact us! Or visit the Oregon Department of Energy for more info.